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socially dynamic 

travel group

Socially Dynamic Travel Group is a group dedicated to seeing new things, meeting new people, and traveling new places while building lasting friendships. The vision started with Cabin Fever in 2008, which was an Annual Birthday trip, that turned into more and more people that wanted to attend and enjoy the turn-up. Over the years, the friendships grew, travel buddies were created, and the more diverse the travels became. Over time, we realized that we had similar commonalities, and travel is what we all enjoyed most. Our goal is to provide new and fun adventures, take the worry out your travel plans, and let us provide you with vacations and events that you won’t forget.

Larry Burden

dream team

Larry burden

Founder + Trip Curator


Favorite City: Cancun

Biggest Fear: Failure

Go-to Drink: Remy Martin

Revay williams

Trip Curator


Favorite City: Denver

Biggest Fear: Heights

Go-to Drink: Vodka

JAson 'JB' franklin

Trip Curator


Favorite City: New Orleans

Biggest Fear: Dying Alone

Go-to Drink: Whiskey

Our Team

Jontae Shepherd

Trip Curator


Favorite City: New Orleans

Biggest Fear: Water Bugs

Go-to Drink: Vodka & Tonic

Charlie martin

 Trip Curator


Favorite City: San Diego

Biggest Fear: Roller Coasters

Go-to Drink: Wine/Jack Daniels

Jax Aurelius

Trip Curator


Favorite City: Houston

Biggest Fear: Never finding the "One"

Go-to Drink: HennyRita

Dru joseph

Trip Curator


Favorite City: Los Angeles

Biggest Fear: No Fear

Go-to Drink: Tom Collins


Feel the love.

We respect and celebrate differences in people, places, and cultures.

Come together.

We create meaningful connections with our world and with each other.

Fun is good.

We want everyone to have a positive experience - that means you, our team, and everyone in the communities we enter. 

Walk lightly.

We keep the planet ready for the next generation by minimizing our footprint.

Our Values
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